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How PSM HYPE became reality.....

At Photo Solutions Market we strive to provide you with the best Photoshop templates for the youth and studio photography industry.  At the same time we always are looking for the best options for you to print your items.  Over the years there have been some companies that we have recommended but after some bad experiences by our customers, long wait times and sometimes the lack of customer service we knew that we needed to find something new.  In our journey to find you the answer to your promotional display needs we came across a new company and formed a new partnership.   We are now working together with this new vendor to bring you all of the items you see on HYPE at wholesale prices!  Welcome to the new PSM HYPE!

We Are Always Expanding Our Services!


HYPE already has an impressive product catalog but our goal is to continue to add to the product list with new and exciting products.   We are working closely with our printing partner to bring you more products in the near future.  The best part of HYPE is that our partners are as committed to great service, quality and professional customer service that you expect from a Photo Solutions partner.   This way you can always be sure to get the best every time you order!

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